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Silas Returns

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In the total silence of deep space, Silas slowly spun, watching the stars drifting past. A set of stars pulled into view -- a constellation that he recognized. He had done it! After unkown years, he had escaped the Void and returned to nominal space! Too exhausted to form words, Silas simply whooped in joy, although no one -- not even the shining figure next to him -- could hear his exultation.

A deluxe figure with 28 total parts, including alternate pieces to build 4 unique characters, stands 2.8" tall. Made of durable, full color PVC plastic. The Fit Function parts are interchangeable with all Glyos System Series figures, providing unlimited build options. Silas Returns was designed by NiStuff, creator and sculptor of the Outlander figure.

The Bazaar

Glyos figures are suitable for ages 15+.

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