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Destianom Leyden

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A repo ship dropped into orbit around tiny Ourturn and the pilot gimbaled his couch around, stroking the sensor controls as they slipped by. He snorted at the moonworld below him, but the stolen starcraft he sought was down there. *squigch* He morphed from leyden to yough; rapid shapeshifting was a tic of his, particularly when irritated. *squigch* Back to leyden. Irritated because after their failed invasion attempt (who knew there'd be Travelers?), the Trinity Council reimagined and rebranded. Now he, who was once Attack Wing Belo (sub)Supreme Engineer, was another Destianom doing... this. *squigch* *squigch* A hail pinged in from an Abyssal Visitor stationed below: help requested, dying artificial sun specified. *squigch* The Abyssals were a coven of zealots recruited by -- well, wasn't that interesting: the (sub)supreme engineer had some new biotech onboard that just might fix the dying sun. But where could he find a hyper-capacity organic solar battery?

A deluxe figure with 25 total parts, including alternate pieces to build 4 unique characters, stands 2.8" tall. Made of durable, full color PVC plastic. The Fit Function parts are interchangeable with all Glyos System Series figures, providing unlimited build options. Destianom Leyden was designed by NiStuff, creator and sculptor of the Outlander figure.

The Bazaar

Glyos figures are suitable for ages 15+.

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