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Patrol Hacker Nemesis


Nobody likes them, nobody trusts them, yet every trooper wants them in their unit. The dislike is mutual and normally Nemesis would never use their unmatched high crags guerrilla tactics and cliffside combat skills alongside clumsy meat puppets. But Patrol Hackers are followers of the Ahm Egg and if defending the Crayboth clanhives in Okanosault regains balance in the universe, then that is what they'll do.

18 total parts, including an alternate Mantis head and 2 switch pins, stands 3.8" tall. Made of durable, full color PVC plastic. The Fit Function parts are interchangeable with all Glyos System Series figures, providing unlimited build options.

Patrol Hacker Nemesis is a Volkriun colorway, designed to slot into any TFV unit. Visit TheGodBeast to see more Nemesis figures.

The Bazaar

Glyos figures are suitable for ages 15+.

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