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Brawlket Crayboth


Feral Crayboth from the polar jungles of olden Odravunn, the Altrushield hiveclan Brawlket battled the Voss overlords to extinction while their Crayboth siblings escaped enslavement. Descendent Brawlket from a pre-Migration mission through the Zorennor rift are all that remain of the once mighty hiveclan.

5 total parts, stands 1.5" tall. Made of durable, full color PVC plastic. The Fit Function parts are interchangeable with all Glyos System Series figures, providing unlimited build options.

Brawlket Crayboth matches the Battle Tribes War Tiger colorway from Spy Monkey Creations.

The Bazaar

Glyos figures are suitable for ages 15+.

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