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Venusian Bio-Mass Monster


To protect the biomes upon which life depends, Crayboth envoys of the Ahm Egg have secured allies amongst the fragmented Monsters, spawning a guardianship over the botanic ecosphere.

20 total parts, including 1 switch pin, stands 4" tall. Made of durable, full color PVC plastic. The Fit Function parts are interchangeable with all Glyos System Series figures, providing unlimited build options.

Venusian Bio-Mass Monster matches the Halos colorway from Onell Design and TheGodBeast. Onell's recent Rothan drop also compliments Venusian's colors. Visit the twisted mind of Pat Bussey to see more Monsters; others are lurking at TheGodBeast's shop.

Crayboth figure not included with this item.

The Bazaar

Glyos figures are suitable for ages 15+.

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