Arquem discovery

Drawn to this planet by the unending turmoil, Arquem Pheyden finally confronts the leaders of the constant civil wars, those they call The Prime. Aliens! Invaders from space have brutalized this broken planet for centuries.

The people hoped once, when The Prime were locked away in a distant hole. Time, however, has allowed the aliens to build amazing remote technologies and now they reach out with forces of magnetism and gravity. They have called out to others and once again lead, but this time with avatars of shimmering power while safely ensconced in their sealed prison.

Pheyden knows this confrontation is futile: the aliens’ gaussian technologies are strong enough to effect his phase weaponry and their actual location is an enigma. Now he can hear the hordes approaching, indigents led into bloody genocide by the alien invaders. These peoples could be considered innocents and Pheyden does not seek retribution against them. Instead, there are others to notify, programs to engage. Soon enough, Arquem Pheyden will return and face The Prime in their own dark lair and test the strength of their visceral forms.


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These custom Glyos figures are hand-dyed buildups featuring Alien Heads Brain Wave, plus accessories, by master toy customizer THEGODBEAST. TGB’s website and his blog.

The Three Prime