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Researchers and trappers at the Galaxy’s Edge have documented the extreme mutability of the Crayboth species, native to Planet Alcray. The creatures seem able to alter their physiology within a short generation, often in response to new experiences. Often these changes do not follow classic evolutionary patterns, but instead seem to be intentional, sometimes even capricious. Whether these are true genetic mutations or simply phenotypic changes remains to be seen.

This myriad of Crayboth varieties presents a challenge to Glyos researches, particularly since the mutation rate seems to be increasing as the Crayboth are exposed to further Galactic influences. The challenges in documentation are exemplified below:

Prowler Crayboth

Prowler Crayboth – Swift and deadly night stalkers, these Crayboth are often found in strike pods venturing deep into industrial territories.

Garth Crayboth

Garth Crayboth – Denizens of Alcray’s few old growth forests and jungles, these Cray’ are expert ambushers.

Spinner Crayboth

Spinner Crayboth – Often used as scouts and outriders in large Crayboth assaults, Spinners will suddenly snap into a maddened killing frenzy.

Ninjafire Crayboth

Ninjafire Crayboth – First described by the explorer Ninjanaut, these Crayboth are easily identified by the orange glow aura that surrounds them at night.

Ayosire Crayboth

Ayosire Crayboth – Assuming an off world color pattern, what other powers might these fearsome Crayboth wield? Back in the nest, there is still debate over which is the original and which the reverse.

Dynasty Crayboth

Dynasty Crayboth – Colored a deep, royal purple so appealing that the Sarvos unit called Xenos has offered to reward the first hunter to bring him a live Dynasty pod.

Peppermint Crayboth

Peppermint Crayboth – These Crayboth appear seasonally, apparently migrating to Alcray’s poles during the offseason. The species known as Grubfaces have reported that Peppermint Crayboth are “quite tasty.”

Venus Crayboth

Venus Crayboth – The startling, vibrant colors on these Cray’ identify them as wielders of an addictive poison.

Fortified Crayboth

Fortified Crayboth – The mysterious trapper Kranion theorized that Crayboth mutations are triggered by environmental pressures the Cray’ themselves intentionally apply to developing eggs. He generated this theory after discovering a clutch of eggs soaking in an bath fortified with eight essential minerals and ores of Alcray.

fuse Timber Crayboth

fuse Timber Crayboth – Their hardwood armor plating is bound by brass, making these the stoutest of all the Crayboth.


All the Crayboth depicted in this post are customs, part of the Cappy Crayboth Collective. Some are dyed, some are painted, most are a combination of both.

Arquem discovery

Drawn to this planet by the unending turmoil, Arquem Pheyden finally confronts the leaders of the constant civil wars, those they call The Prime. Aliens! Invaders from space have brutalized this broken planet for centuries.

The people hoped once, when The Prime were locked away in a distant hole. Time, however, has allowed the aliens to build amazing remote technologies and now they reach out with forces of magnetism and gravity. They have called out to others and once again lead, but this time with avatars of shimmering power while safely ensconced in their sealed prison.

Pheyden knows this confrontation is futile: the aliens’ gaussian technologies are strong enough to effect his phase weaponry and their actual location is an enigma. Now he can hear the hordes approaching, indigents led into bloody genocide by the alien invaders. These peoples could be considered innocents and Pheyden does not seek retribution against them. Instead, there are others to notify, programs to engage. Soon enough, Arquem Pheyden will return and face The Prime in their own dark lair and test the strength of their visceral forms.


To read about the coming of the Aliens, see Glyan Stories.


These custom Glyos figures are hand-dyed buildups featuring Alien Heads Brain Wave, plus accessories, by master toy customizer THEGODBEAST. TGB’s website and his blog.

The Three Prime

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